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In Transit: Life and Buses

Welcome to In Transit the blog about life and buses in the ACT

My name is Victoria Wells.

I have long held a idea to travel around the world on buses. For various reasons this may not be possible in 2023 so I am going to attempt to go on every public bus in the ACT in one year. 64 bus routes, 1 year, 1 person and many adventures. This is what I hope for. Inspired by Julie Powell, of Julie/Julia fame this project will get me out and about, trying new things, seeing new places and talking to strangers.

This ambition is not as large an idea as world travel, but it will be exciting, fun and at times challenging. I am sure there will be times, especially when the weather is against me; wind, cold, heat and greyness, when the idea of getting out of the flat, onto a bus and talking to people will feel like the last thing I want to do.

Fifty-four buses may not sound like many, only just more than one a week, but once things like illness, holidays, work are factored in one bus a week, doing the entire route, there and back, could be arduous.

My journey will start on the first week of January. Most things in Canberra close between Christmas and New Year. The buses will also be on the Summer Timetable. I am not sure, at this stage, how I am going to plan which buses to go on when. I could do it numerically starting at the lowest number, R2, and working my way to the highest, 903. Or I could tick off the furthest places first, Lanyon R5, and work my way into the city. Or I could pick out all the main places around Canberra City: Woden, Gungahlin, Tuggeranong and Belconnen and ride on the routes that start at those points. Of course, I could just pick a bus and see where it takes me.

For those of you who would like to hop on board I will do regular posts on both Facebook and Instagram.


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